Exam: DEA-5TT2

Dell EMC DEA-5TT2 Exam
Vendor Dell EMC
Certification Dell Networking
Exam Code DEA-5TT2
Exam Title Dell-EMC Associate - Networking Exam
No. of Questions 61
Last Updated Oct 02, 2023
Product Type Q & A with Explanation
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If you are looking to build a career in the Networking domain, obtaining a certification from Dell EMC can be a great way to demonstrate your knowledge and skills. The Dell EMC Networking Associate (DEA-5TT2) Certification exam is designed to verify your understanding of the fundamentals of Dell EMC DCA-Networking. To help you prepare for the exam, it is recommended that you use the quick start guide provided by Dell EMC. This guide contains a list of objectives and resources that can assist you in your exam preparation. The Sample Questions included in the guide can help you to familiarize yourself with the type and difficulty level of the questions that you may encounter in the actual exam. The Practice Exams provided in the guide can also help you to become familiar with the format and environment of the certification exam. It is essential that you refer to this guide carefully before attempting your actual Dell EMC DCA-Networking certification exam. Obtaining the Dell EMC Networking Associate certification can help you to establish your expertise and stand out in the competitive Networking domain.

Certification Overview
This certification validates the ability to perform basic skill level tasks in installing, configuring, maintaining and troubleshooting Dell Technologies Networking products.
Certification Requirements
To complete the requirements for this certification you must:
Pass the following Associate level exam on or after September 16, 2022.

• DEA-5TT2 Associate - Networking Exam
Note: These details reflect certification requirements as of September 16, 2022.
Other Certification Recommendations

This certification will qualify towards the following Specialist level certifications in the Dell Technologies Proven Professional Program:
• Specialist – Implementation Engineer, Campus Networking Version 1.0
• Specialist – Implementation Engineer, Data Center Networking Version 1.0
• Specialist – Infrastructure Security Version 1.0
* The Proven Professional Program periodically updates certification requirements. Please check the Proven Professional CertTracker website regularly for the latest information and for other options to meet the Associate level requirement.

This exam is a qualifying exam for the Associate - Networking track.
This exam focuses on basic Networking foundational skills and portfolio introduction.
Dell Technologies provides free practice tests to assess your knowledge in preparation for the exam. Practice tests allow you to become familiar with the topics and question types you will find on the proctored exam. Your results on a practice test offer one indication of how prepared you are for the proctored exam and can highlight topics on which you need to study and train further. A passing score on the practice test does not guarantee a passing score on the certification exam.

Products likely to be referred to on this exam include but are not limited to:
• Dell EMC Networking Switches

Exam Topics
Topics likely to be covered on this exam include:

Network Essentials (5%)
• Explain the purpose and function of network devices such as switches and routers
• Distinguish between interface and cabling options (Copper, Fibre, Breakout)
• Configure and verify the initial configuration steps for a switch

Ethernet Technologies (40%)
• Describe how Ethernet addressing and framing operates (Source learning, Mac address tables)
• Describe the operation and behavior of LLDP, VLANs, STP, LAG (Link Layer Discovery Protocol, Virtual LANs, Spanning-Tree Protocol, Link Aggregation Group)
• Identify the CLI commands to configure and verify LLDP, VLANs, STP, LAG (Link Layer Discovery Protocol, Virtual LANs, Spanning-Tree Protocol, Link Aggregation Group)
• Configure and verify common storage networking features (flow control, MTU, Portfast)

IP Networking (25%)
• Identify the differences between private and public IP addressing
• Configure and verify the operation of IPv4 addressing (IP address ranges, subnetting, analyze routing table entries)
• Describe the IPv6 address format and types of IPv6 address
• Explain the forwarding logic used by Layer 3 capable devices
• Identify the differences between static and dynamic routing (connected, static, default routes)

Network Services (5%)

• Identify the CLI commands to configure and verify the operation of DHCP
• Describe the operation and behavior of the NTP service
• Identify the CLI commands to configure and verify the operation of NTP

Security Essentials (10%)
• Describe the options for securing access to a network switch (best practices for interface configuration, VLAN settings, securing spanning tree etc.)
• Configure and verify local authentication
• Configure and verify ACLs (Access Control Lists)

Network Operations (10%)

• Identify the CLI commands to transfer files to/from switches
• Troubleshoot common connectivity problems (link down, VLAN access, IP reachability, Blocked ports)
• Outline the recommended steps during a switch OS upgrade (OS10 update)
• Identify the CLI commands to enable a switch for SNMP monitoring

Automation (5%)
• Explain the role and advantages of using Smart Fabric Services
• Configure and verify the enablement of Smart Fabric Services

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What are Network Address Translation (NAT) inside global addresses?

A. Addresses used by NAT router when sending frames to devices on the local network
B. Public IP addresses used by the local network to communicate with the Internet
C. Private IP addresses used by the local network
D. Pubic addresses used by other networks outside of the local network

Answer: B

Which topology is considered a best practice when stacking switches?

A. Ring
B. Cascade
C. Serial
D. Daisy-chain

Answer: A

Which option is used to configure Network Address Translation (NAT) to provide one-to-one mapping between local and global addresses?

A. Outside source static
B. Overload
C. Inside source static

Answer: C

What is the valid range assigned to a client during a TCP connection?

A. 20 - 25
B. 443 - 1000
C. 1023 - 2024
D. 40000 - 65535

Answer: D

DEA-5TT2 Brain Dumps Exam + Online / Offline and Android Testing Engine & 4500+ other exams included
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