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    • 3COM
      3M0-211 : Certified Enterprise LAN Specialist
      3M0-212 : 3Com Certified Enterprise LAN Specialist Finsl Exam v3.2
      3M0-250 : Certified Enterprise Lan Post-Sales Expert
      3M0-300 : Certified Security Specialist
      3M0-331 : 3Com WAN Specialist Final Exam v2.0
      3M0-600 : 3Com Wireless Specialist Final Exam v2.0
      3M0-700 : Certified IP Telephony Specialist v2.4
      3M0-701 : Certified IP Telephony NBX Expert Final Exam v3.0
    • AccessData
      A30-327 : AccessData Certified Examiner
      010-111 : ACSM Certified Personal Trainer
      020-222 : ACSM Health/Fitness Instructor Exam
      030-333 : ACSM Exercise Specialist Exam
      040-444 : ACSM Registered Clinical Exercise Physiologist
      9A0-019 : Adobe Photoshop 6.0 Product Proficiency
      9A0-031 : Adobe Photoshop 7.0 Product Proficiency Exam
      9A0-034 : Adobe Acrobat Professional 6.0 Product Proficiency Exam
      9A0-035 : Adobe Illustrator CS ACE Exam
      9A0-036 : Adobe PhotoShop CS ACE Exam
      9A0-039 : Adobe After Effects 6.0 Professional ACE Exam
      9A0-040 : Adobe Premiere Pro
      9A0-041 : Adobe Acrobat 7.0 Professional Print Production ACE
      9A0-042 : Prowith Adobe LiveCycle Designer ACE Exam
      9A0-043 : Adobe Illustrator CS 2 ACE Exam
      9A0-044 : Adobe Photoshop CS 2 ACE Exam
      9A0-045 : Adobe InDesign CS 2 ACE Exam
      9A0-046 : Adobe GoLive CS2 ACE Exam
      9A0-054 : Adobe Photoshop CS3 ACE Exam
      9A0-055 : Adobe InDesign CS3 ACE
      9A0-056 : Adobe Dream weaver CS3 ACE Exam
      9A0-057 : Adobe IIIustrator CS3 ACE Exam
      9A0-058 : Adobe Flash CS3 ACE Exam
      9A0-059 : Adobe Photoshop Lightroom ACE Exam
      9A0-060 : Adobe After Effects 7.0 Professional ACE Exam
      9A0-061 : Adobe Premiere Pro 2.0 Professional ACE Exam
      9A0-062 : Adobe Encore DVD 2.0 ACE Exam
      9A0-064 : Adobe Flash Lite 2.0 Mobile Developer Exam
      9A0-066 : Adobe ColdFusion 8
      9A0-067 : Premiere/Encore/OnLocation@ CS3 ACE Exam
      9A0-068 : After Effects@ CS3 ACE
      9A0-080 : Adobe Captivate 3 ACE
      9A0-081 : Adobe LiveCycle ES Application Developer
      9A0-082 : Adobe® Flex 3 with AIR
      9A0-084 : Adobe Acrobat 9 Professional ACE
      9A0-094 : Adobe® Photoshop CS4 ACE Exam
      9A0-310 : Adobe Flex2 Developer Exam
      9A0-311 : Certified Macromedia Flash 8 Exam
      9A0-502 : Certified Macromedia Flash MX 2004 Designer Exam
      9A0-602 : Certified Macromedia Flash MX 2004 Developer Exam
      9A0-701 : ColdFusion MX Developer Exam
      9A0-702 : ColdFusion MX 7 Developer Exam
      9A0-802 : Certified Macromedia Dreamweaver MX 2004 Developer
      9A0-803 : Certified Dreamweaver8 Developer Exam
      4A0-100 : Alcatel-Lucent Scalable IP Networks
      4A0-101 : Alcatel-Lucent Interior Routing Protocols and High Availability
      4A0-102 : Alcatel-Lucent Border Gateway Protocol
      4A0-103 : Alcatel-Lucent Multi Protocol Label Switching
      4A0-104 : Alcatel-Lucent Services Architecture
      4A0-105 : Alcatel-Lucent Virtual Private LAN Services
      4A0-106 : Alcatel-Lucent Virtual Private Routed Networks
      4A0-107 : Alcatel-Lucent Quality of Service
      4A0-108 : Alcatel-Lucent Multicast Protocols
      4A0-109 : Alcatel-Lucent Triple Play Services
      4A0-110 : Alcatel-Lucent Advanced Troubleshooting
      060-DSFA680 : Altiris Deployment Solution Foundation 6.8
      American College
      HS330 : Fundamentals of Estate Planning Test
      PB0-200 : NCPI Design
      9L0-004 : Apple Desktop Service
      9L0-005 : Apple Desktop Service Exam
      9L0-006 : Apple Macintosh Service Exam
      9L0-007 : Macintosh Service Certification Exam
      9L0-060 : MAC OS X 10.4 service and support
      9L0-061 : MAC OS X 10.5 Troubleshooting Exam
      9L0-206 : Apple Portable Service
      9L0-400 : Mac OS X Help Desk Essentials v10.3 Exam
      9L0-401 : Mac OS X Help Desk Essentials v10.4
      9L0-402 : Mac OS X Help Desk Essentials v10.5
      9L0-403 : Mac OS X Support Essentials 10.6
      9L0-505 : Mac OS X Server Essentials v10.3 Exam
      9L0-506 : Apple Certified Technical Coordinator v10.3 Update Exam
      9L0-507 : Mac OS X Server Essentials v10.4
      9L0-508 : Apple Certified Technical Coordinator v10.4 Update
      9L0-509 : Server Essentials 10.5
      9L0-510 : Mac OS X Server Essentials 10.6 200
      9L0-606 : System Administration of Mac OS X Clients v10.3 Exam
      9L0-607 : System Administration using Mac OS X Server v10.3
      9L0-609 : Mac OS X Deployment
      9L0-610 : Xsan Administration v1.1
      9L0-611 : Directory Services Integration and Administration 10.4
      9L0-612 : Security Best Practices for Mac OS X v10.4
      9L0-613 : Podcast and Streamed Intemet Media Administration Exam
      9L0-614 : Mac OS X Server Command and Line Install and Configuration v10.4
      9L0-615 : Network Account Management v10.4 Exam
      9L0-616 : Xsan Administration v10.4 Exam
      132-S-100 : Avaya Sales Certification Specialist
      132-S-708 : Specialist: Avaya Voice Self-Service Design Elective Exam (132-S-708.1)
      132-S-712 : Specialist: Avaya Proactive Contact Solutions Design Elective Exam 132-S-712.2