Vendor Nokia

Complete list of Nokia certifications and exams available.
Certification Exam Title No. of Q&A Update On
Net NO0-002 Nokia Security Administrator 97 11/24/2021
Net NQ0-231 3G Radio Network Planning 221 11/24/2021
Nokia Bell Labs 5G Certification
Nokia Bell Labs 5G Certification BL0-100 Nokia Bell Labs End-to-End 5G Foundation Certification Exam 40 11/13/2021
Nokia Certification
Nokia Certification 4A0-106 Nokia Virtual Private Routed Networks Exam 213 11/04/2021
Nokia Certification SDM_2002001040 SDM Certification - CARE 121 11/09/2021
Nokia Certification NCM_20002021610 NCSS SDM ONE NDS OaM-TSH-16.0 60 11/12/2021
Nokia Certification 4A0-M05 Nokia Cloud Packet Core Exam 56 11/05/2021
Nokia Certification 4A0-M10 Nokia 5G Packet Core Architecture Exam 40 11/01/2021
Nokia Cloud Packet Core Expert | Nokia Service Routing Architect
Nokia Cloud Packet Core Expert | Nokia Service Routing Architect 4A0-M03 Nokia Mobility Manager Exam 40 11/02/2021
Nokia CPM
Nokia CPM PDM_2002001060 CPM 213 11/13/2021
Nokia NCS
Nokia NCS NCS_20022101010 NCSS 2G RA OaM 2.2 118 11/13/2021
Nokia NCS NCS_20022252020 NCSS 2G/3G SCN PaO 2.2 85 11/13/2021
Nokia Networks
Nokia SDM Certification
Nokia SDM Certification SDM_2002001030 SDM Certification - PS NSOP 160 11/08/2021
Nokia SDM Certification SDM_2002001050 SDM Certification - NI 160 11/08/2021
Nokia SRC Certification
Nokia SRC Certification 4A0-100 Nokia Scalable IP Networks Exam 352 11/04/2021
Nokia SRC Certification 4A0-101 Nokia Interior Routing Protocols Exam 316 11/04/2021
Nokia SRC Certification 4A0-104 Nokia Services Architecture Exam 293 11/04/2021
Nokia SRC Certification 4A0-107 Nokia Quality of Service Exam 212 11/04/2021
Nokia SRC Certification 4A0-C01 Nokia NRS II Composite Exam 852 11/08/2021
Nokia SRC Certification 4A0-C02 Nokia SRA Composite Exam 603 11/17/2021